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Hoppert Builders specializes in the construction of distinctive concrete structures. The following will give you a list of our capabilities.  

Poured Concrete

Residential :

  • Foundations for new homes.
  • Free standing retaining walls.
  • Sidewalks and steps.
  • Porches and patios.


  • Stadiums.
  • Condominiums
  • Malls
  • Appartment Buildings.
  • Office builldings.
  • Warehouses

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Serving the residential and commercial markets of 

Western Maryland, The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, and South Central Pennsylvania

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Welcome to the  Hoppert Builders,LLC website.  We are a multi-faceted company with our primary work being the construction of poured concrete foundations for new homes and commercial projects. Hoppert Builders, LLC is engaged in a variety of commercial projects as well as foundations for warehouses, schools, apartment buildings, condos, as well as a host of others.

We have done extensive research on our industry and have provided much of the information we have learned below. 


Hoppert Builders was established in the spring of 1994 in Cumberland, Maryland with one key goal in mind; 100% customer satisfaction. 24 years later, it is still our primary concern. We work very hard to insure the utmost quality in the work we do for you, and will be at your service before, during, and after the project is complete. 

Representatives from Hoppert Builders will sit down with you to discuss your project, answer your questions, and listen to your concerns. When building a new home or developing a commercial site, it is essential to recognize the importance of having them built on a strong, solid foundation. The characteristics of every lot are unique, and should be built to address each unique characteristic. We take a site- specific approach for each project.

As a builder, we know the importance of a square, level, and plumb foundation. We take the time to give you that a fair and reasonable price. Choose Hoppert Builders for the quality you want and expect. 

  • We are a licensed and insured contractor. 
  • We can handle all our your site work: excavation, footers, solid concrete foundations, retaining walls
  • Brandon or Dennis Hoppert will be on job site 100% of the time 
  • Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. 

Project Capabilities

Hoppert Builders offers full contracting services in Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Our experienced personnel will coordinate your entire project and secure all permits and engineering expertise needed to complete your project. We also work in partnership with other sub-contractors when their services are required. Our services included any or all of the following, as required by your project:

  • Project design and planning
  • Clearing a building site of trees, shrubbery, and debris
  • Excavation of the building site as required by the nature of the project
  • Construction of poured concrete foundations for new homes and commercial buildings
  • Construction garages and other outbuildings, as needed or requested
  • Constructing entryways, decks, porches, as needed or requested
  • Constructing additions to existing buildings, as requested 

Please feel free to ask your Hoppert Builders representative about services you require that are not listed here. 

Please take your time and read this section

Poured Concrete Foundations

Thickness                  8 inches solid concrete

Flexural Strength              765 PSI

Compressive Strength       4900 psi

(PSI pounds per square Inch)

Pre-Cast Walls

        1  3/4 inch thick concrete

                        45 PSI

                        48 PSI

Concrete Block walls

8 inches and hollow

27 PSI

1210 PSI

Why would you even consider a pre-cast wall ?

Do you want your home sitting on 1 3/4" inch of concrete sitting on gravel. With no concrete footer ???? 

Walls shifting, when your home settles. With very little Flexural Strength.

Why would you consider concrete block ?

How about  8 inch pours block that  will absorb water into your basement with very little Flexural Strength.

The cure for pre-cast and concrete block walls

1. Water tightness means a dry basement. This is important to homeowners. Poured concrete walls make drier basements compared to 1) concrete block or 2) precast walls. Block walls are porous and hollow and the mortared seams between blocks will eventually leak if not perfectly sealed by the proper mortar mixture. Pre-cast walls sit on gravel rather than a concrete footer and are caulked at the seams, allowing for the possibility of water infiltration.

The work of a house foundation is to support the home built upon it (compressive pressure) and also to resist the flexural pressure exerted against it by soil and water. Few people realize that the soil surrounding the foundation of their home contains varying amounts of water, depending on weather patterns. The important thing to know is that the more water there is in the soil, the greater the flexural pressure that is exerted inwardly against the foundation walls. Some types of soil hold considerably more water than other types so that will affect the amount of pressure the walls must bear. For example, the average basement wall is about 8 feet high, and if it is surrounded by clay soil, a force of 2500 foot-pounds of pressure is pressing against the wall; if the wall is 10 feet high and surrounded by clay, 4131 foot pounds of force is pushing against the wall because the taller the wall is, the more soil and water there is pressing against the wall. So the question is, how well the various kinds of foundation walls withstand that pressure. The table below illustrates the differences in both the flexural and compressive strength of three different kinds of foundation walls. The PSI figures are typical or average and will vary depending on the kind of soil and the amount of water in the soil.

With regard to flexural pressure, poured concrete wall can withstand 765 pounds of pressure per square inch, which is significantly greater than the twenty-five or forty-five psi that the other walls can withstand by a wide margin. Poured concrete walls are roughly 31 times stronger than block walls and 17 times stronger than precast walls. In everyday terms, this means poured concrete walls have an exceptional ability to keep water out of your basement.

The compressive strength of the foundation wall refers to the ability of the walls to withstand the downward pressure exerted by the weight of the home built upon it. Here, the question is whether the weight of the house will crush the walls or cause them to collapse. Again we see that poured concrete walls can resist extremely high pressure compared to precast or block walls. Simply put, this means they are much less likely to be crushed or to collapse under the weight of the house.

In real life, things are more complicated since foundation walls experience both flexural and compressive forces at the same time. Weather events like winter snow melt and heavy rains means that both kinds of pressure can change dramatically, sometimes very quickly. A weak foundation wall may begin to bow inward, for example, as flexural pressure increases. Because the wall is bowed, compressive pressure may also increase because the wall is no longer straight. In extreme cases, the foundation walls may be so weakened that they collapse. The data in the table suggest that poured concrete walls are your best protection in such a situation.

The dryness of up poured concrete basement is enhanced by the fact that the walls are seamless. There are no joints or cracks, which would allow water to enter and dampen the basement. As noted above, the other types of wall construction are not. Mortar is used to fill the seams between blocks in a block wall while the seams in precast walls are caulked. If either the mortar or the caulk is imperfectly applied, it’s a sure bet that water will leak in, causing dampness, wetness (puddling), or even flooding to occur occasionally. 

2. Fewer warranty problems. A watertight basement means fewer callbacks for the builder and fewer headaches for the homeowner because there are fewer leaks. This means fewer warranty problems. This saves money, a fact that both builders and homeowners can appreciate.

3. Greater fire resistance. The increased density and joint free construction of poured walls offers twice the resistance of hollow core block walls.

4. Affordability. Our efficient construction methods make the cost of poured concrete walls very competitive with that of concrete block walls.

5. More concrete. There is 40% more concrete in a poured wall then there is in a concrete block wall, and 60% more than a pre-cast wall. This means that the foundation will be stronger and can carry a much larger structural load as we indicated above.

6. Higher resale value. A dry basement is an important selling point because it increases the resale value of the property. It also means buyers will be more willing to pay the seller’s asking price because of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they are not going to be faced with all the problems associated with a leaking, damp, or wet basement.

7. Extended construction season. A knowledgeable builder knows that pouring concrete can be adapted to cold weather conditions. By altering the concrete-to-water ratios in the concrete mix, a foundation can be poured in the coldest of weather. This means a longer construction season for the builder. More importantly, it means a home buyer does not have to wait until the “spring thaw” to begin construction of a new home.

8. Hoppert Builders have the expertise. Building the foundation for a new home is the first critical step in the construction process. We have the knowledge and the experience that will insure that your basement will be structurally sound and durable as well as problem-free. It will exceed Construction Code requirements.

9. Faster construction time. Because poured wall foundations can be constructed more quickly ( than block or pre-cast walls,  construction of the home that sits on top of the foundation can also proceed more quickly. This means the time to occupancy is shorter. Commercial developers also appreciate this fact because it means housing sales and or rentals can begin more quickly, bringing a faster return on their investment.

10. Size does not matter. Hoppert Builders can construct anything of any size that requires poured concrete for its creation. We guarantee what we build; we guarantee your satisfaction, and we guarantee that we will act professionally at every step along the way.

Please call us for a free estimate.



Before starting any project, I like to make it a habit to ask our clients to give me an honest testimonial statement after we complete their projects. I believe this is what makes us stand out from other contractors in the area. After operating this business for over two decades, it would be easy to start taking things for granted, to overlook needed changes that would make Hoppert Builders an even better company than it is. But I don’t want to do that. Many testimonials we receive are very positive about the work that we did and the manner in which we did it. That’s always good to know because it means we we’re doing things right and should keep on doing them. Again, one of Hoppert Builders most important goals is 100% client satisfaction. Occasionally, however, a client isn’t satisfied with our work. A testimonial from such a person is beneficial because it means we need to think about doing things differently and better. That’s really what keeps us on top of the industry: honest words from clients, whether positive or negative, help us stay client-focused. We are always happy with a pat-on-the-back testimonial but we also realize that a slap-on-the-cheek may be a necessary eye-opener when we don’t do as well as we could have. Whatever you say to us will help us improve how we do business with you, the client.

Home Owner - Keyser, WV

I recently went through Hoppert Builders to build my dream home. Using their turnkey service, they start-to-finish built the two-story modular home that I found and customized through the Hoppert Builders and Ritz-Craft websites. I cannot express how easy they made the entire process. After obtaining my initial permits and utility work orders, they took care of everything. From day one, my correspondence with Dennis was always prompt and casual enough to not be overwhelming. Dennis and Brandon both always went out of their way to work within my schedule and to make sure I was fully informed within the process. Throughout the entire process, I continuously heard the phrase, "We want you to be happy with it." In the planning stages, Dennis informed me of all of my options and also helped me sort through what I did and didn't need, as far as upgrades and options to the home. I consistently heard from him with updates from Ritz Craft, even if it was to say that he was still waiting to hear back. I can honestly say that planning the home and adding (and omitting) some options was not at all stressful thanks to Dennis as well as Ritz Craft itself through the website and what they submitted back to Dennis. In the construction phase, I was still constantly informed about what was happening and when, regardless of how minor it was. Brandon and his crew did amazing work on the crawlspace and preparing for the home delivery. They worked quickly and efficiently. I couldn't be more pleased by the concrete work, not to mentioning the finishing work. They built the garage and porches on-site and it flows seamlessly with the house. Brandon has been so thoughtful and precise during the entire process. I was asked to look at the placement of windows, doors, porch posts, and anything else they were placing, still in the pursuit to make sure I was happy. Even the workers from Ritz Craft that came to do some finishing work on the house have been the most polite and helpful people. Even the most minor things were adjusted to my complete satisfaction. The last thing Charlie, the Ritz Craft worker, said before leaving after he'd spent two days putting some finishing touches on my house was "Thank you for buying a house from us." He wasn't a sales rep or a "higher up" at Ritz Craft; he was a regular service man who made an 8-hour drive to make sure everything in my house was as perfect as it could be. I have now been in my home for a little over 3 weeks and can say that I am completely happy with my home-building experience through Hoppert Builders. I cannot imagine finding a more complete service as what I found through them. This process has not been stressful for me, largely because of the tremendous job by Dennis and Brandon. They are so skilled at what they do but also at taking care of their customers. That is what makes Hoppert Builders so easy to work with and what makes them so unique in this area. I cannot imagine having built a home with any other company. Hoppert Builders helped me build my dream home as stress free as possible and I cannot thank them enough.

~ Aimee Saville

General Contractor/Homebuilder

Dennis,    Thank you for the quality work you have provided over the years. Your poured concrete foundations are always square and plumb. The top surface is always flat and straight. This makes it easier and faster for my framing crews to install the subfloor - and provides a better finished product for the Homeowner. I look forward to working with you for many years to come. Thank you for your quality work, and for always getting the job completed on time.
~ Michael Grady, Gradcon Builders


The recent foundation that you completed for me is top notch. You were in and out in a timely fashion and the finished product looks great. Thank you to you and  your crew for a job well done.
~ Bruce Swift, RPM Construction

Home Owner - Cumberland, MD

Hoppert Builders came on short notice and performed a high quality job in a short amount of time to deliver a wall paramount to any I’ve seen in the past. Don’t short change your foundation. It’s the building block to your entire home. Pick reliability, pick American quality, pick Hoppert Builders. 
Let me know if you need anything else. Hope this is what you were looking for. 

~ Dustin Dawson

Short Gap WV, Completed Modular Home with Poured Foundation Package

Dennis and Brandon,

We couldn’t let our contract end without telling the two of you how pleased we are with the outstanding service you and your crew have given us.  Through the entire building process, you’ve been very prompt and responsive to our needs.  The poured foundation walls along with the Ritz-Craft home are top quality products, and we’re so glad we made the decision to work with your company.  You’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty……and now we have the home we’ve dreamed and talked about.  Rarely has a company given us such complete cooperation and excellent workmanship, and because of this we’ve already recommended your company to others.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your friendly service and look forward to continuing our friendship!

Thanks again for a job well done.

~ Lee and Debbie Livengood

Home foundation done for Wiley Ford Animal Clinic Veterinarian (Rick & Karen Keller)

Dennis & Brandon,    We want to thank you for your service and expertise in assisting us during the building process.  The poured concrete foundation is great!  The increased wall strength, insulating properties, water resistance, and interior and exterior design, separates these poured concrete walls from the other types of foundations on the market.

It was a pleasure working with both you and your crew.  Your knowledge and experience in the building process gave us insight and ideas that were used and resulted in an improved finished product.  We are extremely pleased with your service and your product and would highly recommend Hoppert Builders to anyone.

Thanks again for your help and commitment.

~ Rick & Karen Keller

Kevin Carr (Romney Cycles, Romney WV)

Dear Dennis,

 I wanted to write and tell you what a professional job you did for us.  I didn't believe the kind of service that you provided still existed.  I called and spoke with you on Monday.  You were on site giving me your expert opinion and recommendations the next day. The work was done in a timely manner as promised.  The caliber of the work was the best I've seen in years.

In the future I will highly recommend Hoppert Builders for any concrete work to my friends or business associates they may need.

Thanks again for a job well done.

~ Kevin Carr

Robert & Paula Barlett (Home Foundation, Keyser, WV)

Dear Dennis and Brandon, Bob and myself would like to thank you for the professional job that you and your crew did on our foundation and floor slab.  Before you started the job you told me that you would like a statement from us on Hoppert Builders workmanship after the job was complete (Good or Bad).  Well we both have only good to say about Hoppert Builders. We would highly recommend you to everyone.

Again, thank you very much,
~ Paula Barlett

Shane Corwell (Watermark Design & Build) a Division of Foxcraft Homebuilders (Cumberland MD)


Just a note to let you know that I appreciate the professionalism you have shown me and my clientele. I know that I can be demanding at times but you and your crew handled these times with the utmost of professionalism. Keep up this style of workmanship and we will have a long lasting working relationship.

~ Shane Corwell (Project Manager)

Jeff & Cathy Barncord (Foundation & Custom Home Windover Hills, Short Gap WV)


Cathy and myself would like to let you and your father know how much we appreciate what you both have done in the construction of our new home. We almost went with another company that was bidding on our home because of the difference in price of the two bids. We are so thankfull that you took the time to sit down and detail your bid and explain that you had an $18,000.00 allowance for our kitchen and the other contractor had a $6,000.00 allowance. This went on throughout the entire bid (They tried to paint a pretty picture ). Our home actually came in under what you proposed and made us more than happy by letting us know that at the end of the construction. I had former clients of yours, that you gave me their phone numbers, make the statement that you (Brandon) are a perfectionest in your work. Well you certianly made it shine in our new home.

Thank you very much,
Not just a client, two new friends,
~ Jeff and Cathy Barncord

Jason Porter (Pirhl Builders, Gateway Town Homes on Blackiston Ave & Wimpy Drive Cumberland, MD

Dennis and Brandon, You ask me for a testimonial for your web-site. Well the first thing that I would like to say is how much I appreciated the help you all gave me over and above what your work specifications involved. Being an Ohio based company and knowing no one or any suppliers in the area, you helped me a considerable amount. The quality workmanship and the time frame that you completed your scope of work made my job a lot easier and you were a pleasure to work with. I would recomend Hoppert Builders to any out of town or in town company. If you ever have need to give my phone number to a proposed client, feel free to do so.

Again, thank you,
~ Jason Porter Project Superintendent

Gary Lindsey (Deep Creek Lake Home)

Dennis, My family has waited along time to build a new home and we are off to a great start thanks to your excellent work. The poured concrete walls look great. We now have the piece of mind that the rest of our new home will be built on a solid, built to last foundation.

Thank you,
~ G. Lindsey

A Sincere Thank you, From Brandon Hoppert

We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our web-site and hope that it has made you aware of the importance of a poured solid foundation for a new home. If you have any questions about anything you have read, you can simply call me (301-707-7444) or Brandon (301-707-0525) directly for further information. We have spent many hours in seminars and classes in order to learn the latest information about building with concrete. We believe this knowledge makes our company outshine the competition when it comes to building foundations for new homes or any other concrete structure. You are welcome to visit any of our job sites to see what we do and how we do it. We offer the highest degree of professionalism to all of our customers. If you decide to utilize our services in constructing a foundation, wall, we will ask you to evaluate our work when the job is completed. We will ask you not only about the work we did for you, but also about our professionalism and how well you felt you were treated by us. Whether your comments are positive or negative, we simply ask that you be honest in your evaluation. We may include your comments on our website. We promise to do everything possible to insure that you will only have positive things to say about Hoppert Builders.

Brandon and I want you to know that we will make ourselves available to you at your convenience at any time before, during, or after the project! Please, call us, we value the opportunity to secure your business. We will work exceptionally hard to earn it and even harder to fulfill our commitments to you!

~The highest compliment I can receive is your referral to your friends, family, and co-workers.~

Thank  you,  Brandon Hoppert